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Luke Argilla
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Luke Argilla is a GRAMMY nominated mix engineer and music producer working in Los Angeles & San Francisco, California.

Selected Discography - Atmos / Spatial

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Spatial / Dolby Atmos mix highlights

My band - Bachelors of Science (Selected Discography)



Luke Argilla

Stereo Mixing

Luke Argilla

Atmos Mixing

Luke Argilla

Stereo & Atmos Mastering

Luke Argilla

Music Production

Luke Argilla

Recording / Tracking



Born and raised in the vibrant San Francisco Bay Area, Luke's musical journey began in his early teens, playing guitar and crafting melodies in punk bands with friends. High school saw him plunge into production, drawn by the infectious beats of Drum & Bass from the UK.

Luke's passion led him to study audio production at SFSU, and post-graduation, under the moniker LUKEINO, he released records for several years before being recruited by the acclaimed DnB group Bachelors of Science.

In 2013, an early demo of Dolby's Atmos music format ignited Luke's imagination, leading to his groundbreaking role as the world's first full-time Atmos music mixer at Dolby in 2016. Over the next 7.5 years, he pioneered techniques and mixed music in Atmos for top artists and labels. His skills garnered a Grammy Nomination in 2019 for "Best Immersive Album of the Year" for YACHT's "Chain Tripping."

In 2022, Luke relocated to Los Angeles, further immersing himself in the dynamic world of sound in the heart of the music industry. By 2023, he ventured into independent mixing, swiftly earning the trust of top labels like EMPIRE, Warp, Platoon, and Interscope & artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Summer Walker and Slauson Malone 1.

Los Angeles

FTC Studios

San Francisco

Studio D



Luke has proven to be an invaluable asset throughout our journey, and I cannot express how grateful I am for his support. Working with Luke has been more than just a professional collaboration; it has felt like joining a family.


Vince Lawrence

House Music Pioneer,

TRAX Records

Luke has great instincts, a highly-tuned ear and is a collaborative partner in every aspect of the mixing process. He ushered our album into a new dimension of sound, and the result landed us a GRAMMY nomination.



DFA, Downtown Records,

Marriage, States Rights

Luke is an absolute genius! I would have never been able to do any of this Atmos stuff without him.

Happy Client

Kerri Chandler 

Kaoz Theory, Armada Music, Atlantic, RCA

Luke is a kind and collaborative mixing engineer that has done incredibly detailed Atmos mixes of many of our modern and classic songs. I look forward to working with him again and highly recommend his services.

Happy Client

Scott Kirkland

The Crystal Method

There’s no engineer I’d rather have at my side when diving into a Dolby Atmos mix!

Happy Client

Rob Kleiner

Kylie Minogue, Sia,

Cee Lo Green, David Guetta

Luke understands immersive mixing better than anyone else on the planet. He has a highly refined taste, both technically and creatively, and is my go to resource for anything Atmos.

Happy Client

Matt Lange

Anjuna, mau5trap,

Thirty Seconds to Mars

I worked with Luke on the Atmos mix of my Emergence album and the results were powerful! He spatially mastered the album beautifully. It was a smooth and enjoyable process.

Happy Client

Max Cooper

All Points, Mesh

Luke is the best mix engineer that I've worked with in the USA.  He understands contemporary music and how to design sound for different environments. He mixed the Hardkiss album '1991,' several singles and remixes and everything sounds tight.

Happy Client

Gavin Hardkiss

Hardkiss Music,

Do Not Sit,

Sony Africa

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