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Luke Argilla
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Luke Argilla is a GRAMMY nominated mix engineer and music producer working in Los Angeles & San Francisco, California.

Luke has proven to be an invaluable asset throughout our journey, and I cannot express how grateful I am for his support. Working with Luke has been more than just a professional collaboration; it has felt like joining a family.


Vince Lawrence

House Music Pioneer,

TRAX Records

Luke has great instincts, a highly-tuned ear and is a collaborative partner in every aspect of the mixing process. He ushered our album into a new dimension of sound, and the result landed us a GRAMMY nomination.



DFA, Downtown Records,

Marriage, States Rights

Luke is an absolute genius! I would have never been able to do any of this Atmos stuff without him.

Happy Client

Kerri Chandler 

Kaoz Theory, Armada Music, Atlantic, RCA